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Some of my earliest memories are about wanting to draw and create. I had parents who would could sew, paint, build, refinish furniture, repair cars and draw, to name a few. So I had plenty of opportunities to try new hobbies, and there were many.  After graduating with a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree in painting, I worked as an illustrator using a variety of medium including acrylic, gouache, pen and ink and watercolor. I decided to stick with watercolor which I have been using for the past forty years. It was convenient when I was raising my children and I liked the look of it for whatever subject matter I was painting.  Early on I did commissioned portraits in watercolor. A few years ago, one of my paintings was accepted into the American Watercolor Society Show and traveling show.

Florals, especially roses have always been one of my favorite things to paint. I am drawn to a subject bathed in dramatic light and I can portray the luminosity of flowers best with transparent watercolor.  Lately I have returned to some of the mediums I used years ago and have been combining them with watercolor to create mixed media works on paper.  

For the last fifteen years I have been teaching classes in New Jersey to students from beginner to advanced.

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